How To Make Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza Super Fast

The Recipe For Making Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza.

Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza You can make Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza using 13 ingredients in 9 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza

  1. Insert of Flat bread.
  2. Prepare of Lettuce.
  3. Add of Tomatoes.
  4. Add of Mushrooms.
  5. Mix of Bacon (I used turkey bacon).
  6. Insert of Ranch dressing.
  7. Mix strips of Chicken.
  8. Add of Mozzarella cheese or cheese of choice.
  9. Mix of Parmesan cheese hot sauce optional.
  10. Add of Pizza sauce.
  11. Mix of Olive oil, Italian seasoning, minced garlic, made to taste mix, use grilling brush to put on flat bread before grilling (don’t need much a light layer on just one side).
  12. Add of strips For grilled chicken.
  13. Fill of Olive oil salt pepper Italian seasoning mix then coat chicken, cook on grill till done.

Step By Step To Make Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza

  1. Make bacon, I used the microwave.. or can use bacon bits then cut up in to small pieces set aside.
  2. Wash and cut all veggies, build the salad whatever you want to go on the pizza just cut in smaller pieces it’s all going on flat bread. Add the bacon and some of the cheese but not all of it. Set aside.
  3. Make chicken then set aside to rest 5mins then cut all chicken to bite size pieces.... add to salad..
  4. Dress the flat bread with olive oil mixture/ pizza sauce. Grill on both sides..
  5. Put some ranch dressing in salad, and mix well.. or can wait and put it on last, on top of the pizza (as in last picture).
  6. Notes - before I added the dressing I made one for my picky eater who does not like any kind of dressing. Or tomatoes a special order.
  7. Place salad on flat bread add some more cheese, (parmesan and hot sauce at this point) (cover bread with salad).
  8. Cut into 4 slices, I found it was easier to eat it this way. (one flat bread per person).
  9. You don’t have to grill this you can do this in an oven, or a Griddle, stove top..(I used an indoor grill this was made in the winter) don’t matter just as long as that bread gets heat up some....

That's how to make Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad pizza Recipe.